Kings Full Service Gas Station


Mrs. King and her husband have run this full service station for many years. Mr. Kings father started the station in 1940 in Gonzales, Tx. A few years ago Mr. King passed away. Mrs. King decided to keep the full service station in business. If you are lucky, she may even have some home made cookies for you to snack on while she fills you up and gets you back on the road. She is one of the kindest sweetest people you could ever come across. I just wanted to document a small part of her story. She is an amazing and remarkable woman with a contagious smile and a kindness that is seldom found in today's world.

film scan of Portra 160

film scan of Portra 160

the backpack that gives back (Just Porter)

I recently found out about and was immediately intrigued by the great design of their backpacks. I was also really excited to find out that for each bag that is purchased a second bag with school supplies is given to a child in need.

I had the opportunity to take the sable rucksack on a recent road trip to Palo Duro Canyon, Garden of the Gods and Breckenridge.

The bags are high quality with a minimalist and modern design. They are weather-proof and feel great on your back.

For each bag bought, Just Porter manufacturers a "give" backpack and fills it with school supplies and gives it to a child in need. They are manufacturing their "give" backpacks in the areas they distribute these backpacks and are also purchasing the school supplies from the local markets. Just Porter is trying to solve the problem of poverty through creating jobs in the areas they give and promoting childhood education.

THey began as a Kickstarter and was fully funded in December 2013.

I am really impressed with the build quality of these bags as well as the mission of the company.