uganda pt 2

I have had this journal entry saved as a draft for a while, but yesterday I found out that Sylvester passed away so I rearranged this post and wanted to get it up to celebrate his life and to thank him for welcoming us into his home and life. This first image below is Sylvester. He built the house he is sitting in front of in 1972. He is blind and donated the land for the well in the village Kisindizi. He had one of the sweetest spirits of anyone I have ever met and a chuckle that I can still hear. I was really looking forward to seeing him again next year but I am really grateful I was able to meet this man on my last trip. 

The woman below is Margaret and she is holding Suzanne. Margaret lives in Kinsidizi and has taken both of these girls who are orphaned. She is a kind, gracious and beautiful woman. The girl below them is Juliet

the pictures below are some of the beautiful people of Alimugonza. This was the first village that SoulThirst Africa installed a water well. We have been back to visit this village multiple times now and the people there have become our friends. To see the joy on these kids faces as they played in the water is an image I will never forget. 

The photos below are from the village of Katumba. In the first picture you can see the water that they are currently using for drinking, cooking and hygiene. This is the next village that SoulThirst Africa plans to install a water well.