Rhode's Canoe rental

A couple weeks ago we took a family trip to Glen Rose, Tx. As we were getting close to our destination (just before we crossed the Brazos River) we drove past Rhodes Canoe Rental. After we had driven past it a half mile I asked my wife if I could go back and take a few photos. Being the great sport she is and understanding my love for photography she agreed. The boys were starting to get fussy but she indulged my desire nontheless.

I knew the boys were antsy and tried to grab as many pictures as quickly as I could. I saw Max sitting at a desk through the window. I decided to go in the office and meet the man that owned this property.

As I walked into the office Max didn't even look up from his Soduko game until I said, "good morning sir." He looked up and greeted me nonchalantly. Even though he was casual there was a kindness and warmth in his words and demeanor.

I looked around and felt like I had stepped back in time by about 35 years. He politely declined when I asked if I could take a portrait. I took a shot of the sudoku game he was working on and also felt like the interior of his office (trailer) was enough of a portrait.

I knew that by now the boys were probably getting fussy so I thanked him for his time and headed out the door. As soon as I stepped out I realized that I had so many questions for this man. I hope to go back sometime and ask Max a few more questions and hopefully get a portrait.